The New Book Dilemma

Do I start my new book now and cast aside the two I’m currently reading, trusting that I will have time to return to them before they are due back at the library? Or do I canter through the books in progress, hoping that I don’t a) rush them or b) resent them ever so slightly for keeping me from the new book? The greedy reader’s dilemma. Not helped by the fact that the new book is Authority by Jeff Vandermeer, the second of the Southern Reach trilogy. As the first one kept me awake to all hours, I fully expect the second to play havoc with my sleep cycles. Maybe it’s best to finish the others first, but as the endless technological explanations and choppy, miniscule chapters of The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson are beginning to frustrate me, and I still have to plough through the communal living arrangements of the Middle Ages in Up and Downstairs: The History of the Country House Servant by Jeremy Musson, I’m making no promises.



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