The Rik Mayall

So, basically, no one knows when or where you are reading this. So that’s kind of cool isn’t it. You know. Mysterious. I mean, this might be written on a cave wall some time after the next apocalyps [sic]

Rik Mayall’s autobiography ‘The Rik Mayall: Bigger Than Hitler, Better Than Christ’ was actually a Christmas present which I promptly started reading, got approximately a third of the way through and then… forgot. It, like so many other books, slipped down the ‘currently reading/to be read’ pile and languished at the bottom until last week when I found it while trying to get my reading list together. I was going to include it in the Top Ten but everything else seemed more important and now, well, it’s going to the top of the list.

My earliest and favourite memories of Rik Mayall are as the Storyteller on ‘Grim Tales’ and Youtube has been aiding my nostalgia for surreal children’s stories narrated by an hyperactive chair abuser. There seems to have been a bit of a trend for British storytellers as I also loved ‘Fat Tulip’s Garden’ (narrated by Tony Robinson) and later, ‘Jim Henson’s Storyteller’ (narrated by John Hurt). Short stories often seem to get short shrift, but can be the ones that stay with you the longest. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy being read to?



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