2015 Resolutions

Top Ten Bookish Resolutions for 2015

(Prompt from The Broke and the Bookish)

1. Stop buying books! It’s getting out of hand and it’s time for some self-restraint. I have to read the books I have bought already.

2. Stop the borrowing sprees at the library. I go in to return the last lot of books and come out with a new armful. Although I will allow some leeway as if I borrow a book then at least I’m not buying it.

3. Try to read more. Instead of staying up late watching reruns of The Simpsons or Midsomer Murders, I will go to bed and read.

4. Keep a running list of what I’m reading and when. It will definitely help for next year’s Top Ten lists, as well as show how the attempt to read more is fairing (I started Lindy Woodhead’s War Paint last night).

5. Try and keep the reading list varied. I do have a tendency to get stuck on one theme or genre and before I know it, I’m avoiding reading as I’m over it.

6. To finish what I started (unless it’s bad). I’m going to try and finish the book I’m currently reading as opposed to starting a new book whenever I feel like it. It just causes more work in the long run, when you put a book down for too long you spend ages flipping back to try and remember what happened anyway.

7. Trusting myself to know when a book is rubbish (or just not for me). I have got better at this in the last year or so, but I need to keep working on it. I always used to force myself to finish a book even if I hated it, but no more.

8. Writing more posts that aren’t lists. Although lists are my favourite things to write, I do need to be a little more thoughtful.

9. Be more consistent at keeping a ‘want to read’ list. That includes recording both the title AND the author correctly. It will save a lot of googling time later.

10. Try and read one of the series I own but have never started/finished. The Wheel of TimeThe Lord of the Rings and The Gap Series are the top contenders.

Happy New Year!


4 thoughts on “2015 Resolutions

  1. It can be easy to start series, and never get to finish them!!! But it definitely feels good to have some closure included in reading!!! Check out my

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