No Problemo

Top Ten Book-Related Problems

Ah, first world problems, how you vex me. Top Ten prompt from The Broke and the Bookish.

1. Probably the most annoying is feeling like you should be doing something ‘important’ while reading, and then feeling like you should be reading when you do that something else.

2. Looking at all the books that you have accumulated and feeling totally overwhelmed by all the books that you want to read, still have to read, books that have not even been published yet.

3. Feeling like you should be reading something new while you re-read a book you love.

4. Reading an unfinished series and then having to wait for the new volume (although I do try and avoid series these days, for bonus ranting about series versus trilogies see this post).

5. Reading a series that you think has been concluded, but then a new book springs up out of nowhere (Isobelle Carmody’s Obernewtyn Chronicles leap immediately to mind, apparently the final book is due in August this year. I’ll wait and see how that pans out).

6. Not being able to get hold of a book that you suddenly want to read. My local library network did not have a single copy of Good Omens by Pratchett and Gaiman. Not one.

7. Recommending and/or lending books that you love which end up horrifying friends and acquaintances. Such fun.

such fun

8. Books that have no chapters or sections (Terry Pratchett is a shocker for this). I only have time to read so much at a time and would like an appropriate place to stop reading please.

9. Non-fiction books that aren’t referenced properly (or worryingly, at all). I’m not going to believe your claims if you don’t back them up with some footnotes/endnotes and a satisfyingly large bibliography.

10. People who write in books. Stop it, just stop it now.


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