So Many Books, So Little Time

Top Ten Books That I Have Recently Added To My TBR List

Well this should be a quick list. I keep a handy dandy list in my phone of books that I want to get a hold of, so let’s see what’s on there. Prompt from the Broke and the Bookish.

1. A Time of Secrets – Deborah Burrows

Not my usual cup of tea at all (historical-wartime-detective-romance? The horror!), but the review I read made it sound interesting and well-researched. It will also contribute to my Aussie Author Challenge in the author-new-to-me, female author and fiction categories.

2. The Bush – Don Watson

I’m not entirely sure about this one, as it’s part memoir which I am also not the hugest fan of, but if I learn something then it was worth it. Also slots into the Aussie Author Challenge in the author-new-to-me, male author and non-fiction categories.

3. I Can Barely Take Care Of Myself: Tales From A Happy Life Without Kids – Jen Kirkman

I read an interview Jen Kirkman gave the other day and she was hilarious, looking forward to this one.

4. England’s Mistress: The Infamous Life of Emma Hamilton – Kate Williams

I know very little about Emma Hamilton other than she was smack bang in the middle of high society during the Napoleonic Wars.

5. The Chimes – Anna Smaill

Interesting concept, a world where memories can’t be formed and the written word is banned.

6. Words Without Music – Philip Glass

Totally contradicting my earlier statement about not being a fan of memoirs, I have a memoir on my list. Never said I wasn’t a hypocrite.

7. Home: A Time Traveller’s Tales From Britain’s Prehistory – Francis Pryor

Continuing the reading-things-that-I-wouldn’t-normally, prehistory is a long way down the list of my favourite historical periods, but Francis Pryor certainly knows his stuff and the focus on domestic life should keep me interested. According to Goodreads, this is also a bit of a memoir. It’s just not my day today.

8. The Mystery of the Venus Island Fetish – Dido Butterworth (actually Tim Flannery)

Sounds bizarre, but ticks the author-new-to-me, male author and fiction tags of the Aussie Author Challenge.

9. Elizabeth Is Missing – Emma Healey

The description sounds ever so slightly like Before I Go To Sleep, the movie of which I thoroughly enjoyed (it was originally a book, which I might get around to reading some day). Emma Healey also gave a very interesting interview about Elizabeth Is Missing.

10. Clade – James Bradley

Apocalyptic, but climate change not zombies for once. Plus, the cover image is strangely lovely.


4 thoughts on “So Many Books, So Little Time

  1. Interesting list! Lots I haven’t read. I have just finished the Aussie author’s challenge but I do love and Aussie so might look into ‘The venus Island fetish.” Thanks 🙂

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